The ultimate guide to Koh Lipe


Paradise island located in the southern part of Thailand near the Malaysian border. Famous for it’s crystal clear waters and white, sandy beaches. A quiet place where you can sip on coconut water under a palm tree, relax and forget all your worries. It’s a perfect holiday destination for those who look to get far away from crowds.

Just be aware that the past few years it has been getting more and more attention despite it’s location, and it’s slowly becoming another popular place in Thailand. So if you are thinking of going to Koh Lipe, do it now before it loses it’s charm and gets packed with tourists.


Just to make it clear Koh Lipe is NOT a party island. It has got a very relaxed atmosphere to it yet still has plenty to offer. We have put together a list of things to do on the island. So go ahead and check them out 🙂

*If you are looking for an island that is a bit more lively but somewhere that looks a lot like Koh Lipe we would recommend checking Koh Phi Phi instead 🙂

1. Kayaking around the island


If you are looking for a fun and active day out we recommend grabbing one of the kayaks and explore the small islands in front of Koh Lipe. It’s super easy to get to them and you are not tied to a time frame unlike when going on a boat trip. In most of the big resorts they come free of charge so that’s always a winner! 🙂

Make sure you don’t forget to bring snorkelling masks as these two areas have got plenty of great spots for watching those pretty fish!

2. Boat tours

If you are looking for a fun day exploring the islands around Koh Lipe but don’t want to kayak anywhere, there are plenty of tour companies that will take you on various tours. We have noticed that the fishing tour is one of the most popular on the island.


3. Explore beaches


Koh Lipe has got three main beaches.

1. Sunrise beach located on the West of the island. Packed with beach bars, restaurants and big resorts. Perfect location for those who like to get up early and enjoy the sunrise. It is also an area where all the boats get tied up together giving it that unique and famous look.


2. Sunset beach on the East is a great spot for those who like to watch the sun go down.

We found that the best views are on the rocks which you can find at the very end of the beach.


3. Last but not least Pattaya beach in the South of the island. It’s the widest out of the three which gives you plenty of space to find a perfect spot to relax. Just be aware that the water is a bit rougher on this side of the island.


4. Walking street

A blue coloured street that stretches across the whole island. Packed with small bars and restaurants full of delicious sea food and pretty souvenirs. You can find pretty much anything on it. It can be really hot during the day so we recommend going for a walk and explore it after the sun goes down 🙂


5. Restaurants and bars

We have put a small list of places worth visiting on the island. They do not only look unique but also have delicious food and drinks. Enjoy! 🙂

– Sea La Vie Bar

– Castaway Resort

– On The Rocks Restaurant at Serendipity

– Pitiusas Beach Resort & Restaurant



During peak season you can get to Koh Lipe by ferry from the other islands in the South, however in low season you have to take a speedboat from Pak Bara Pier in Satun. You can also get here straight from Langkawi island in Malaysia.


Where to stay:

We would recommend Castaway Resort on Sunrise beach. The dual level bungalows with balcony and front terrace are ideal for relaxing on or close to the beach.


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